Tips for Receiving the District Deputy

Tips for Receiving the District Deputy Grand Master

At least twice per year your lodge will receive the District Deputy Grand Master.  Here are 10 things to keep in mind;

  1. Practice prior to the District Deputy Grand Master’s visit, especially floor work
  2. Always receive the DDGM at 8:00 pm SHARP
  3. At 7:55 pm, Masters should send their Marshal to the tiled door to greet the District Deputy Grand Marshal
  4. Master’s should select a committee chairman that will best represent the lodge and it could even be the newest Master Mason
  5. Remember the DDGM always speaks last
  6. Masters do not wear their top hat during the visit
  7. Prior to the visit ask the DDGM if he would like to close the lodge or retire with his suite
  8. If the DDGM is paying your lodge an official visit, be sure to have the lodge charter, by-laws, records, and Grand Lodge payment ready to present to him
  9. If your lodge is serving dinner, be sure to formally invite the DDGM and his Marshal
  10. Strive to do the best work possible to make a positive impression
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