This page contains miscellaneous articles from The Maven’s Journal:

Tips on Receiving The District Deputy

10 Ways Leaders Differ From Managers

Masonic Resource Material

Masonic Spotlight – M.W. Paul Revere

Masonic Spotlight – R.W. Robert S. Vartanian

Masonic Spotlight: Solomon – King of Israel

Masonic Spotlight: Brother Manuel Hoyo

Masonic Spotlight: Brother William Dawes and Samuel Prescott – Footnotes of History

Masonic Spotlight – MW Joseph Warren

Masonic Spotlight – Wor. Eric Gagne: Mason, Master, and Magician

Masonic Spotlight: Bro. Henry Knox – Father of the American Army Artillery

2016_Fall_Trowel – Including Joseph Warren Statue Dedication Article

Masonic Spotlight: MW Harry S. Truman – Grand Master, U.S. President, Haberdasher

Masonic Spotlight: George Washington and The Battle of Long Island – The Retreat That Saved a Nation

Sample Meeting Agenda

Sample Meeting Minutes

Tiny Ripples of Hope

Masonic Spotlight: Franklin and Winston – A friendship forged in the fire of war

How to Become Active Freemason

Rookie Award Letter to the New Master Mason

Welcome Letter to the Candidate’s Wife

Welcome Letter to the New Master Mason

New Member Survey

Sample Project Plan

Lodge Secretary – Skills, Personality Traits, Roles and Responsibilities

Lodge Treasurer – Skills, Personality Traits, Roles and Responsibilities

Masonic Spotlight: Brother Against Brother – Picket’s Charge

Contributor Corner Series: The Weight of the Collar